No more coding for creating charts. A single URL is enough.

And its just for 1$/month

No more coding for creating charts

Easiest way to embed charts in your websites and blogs.

No need to spend hours to setup and develop a complex server-side solution. We spent days tuning our chart generation backend so you don't have to.

No more server side rendering

Render your interactive charts in realtime with the option of changing the data anytime.

All the charts generated are interactive and the input data can be changed at any point of time and result will be reflected in a second in the graph.

Fast and reliable.

Reliable and blazing fast

Making chart generation fast at scale is hard. Less than 500ms everywhere around the world, 99,99% uptime over the past one and half months.




Unlimited Chart generation

Charty watermark 😢

Less than a second latency

Interactive charts




(Cancel anytime. We can be still be friends)

Unlimited Chart generation

✌️ No watermark 😊

✌️ Download as Image option 😊

Less than a second latency

Interactive charts

✌️ Priority support 😊

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